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this is 9news now. hello. i'm jc hayward. thanks for being with us. the united states is exactly one week away from defaulting on its
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debt if no agreement is reached to raise the debt limit. jay doul reports from the president and the speaker of the house, the two sides seem no closer to reaching a deal. >> reporter: with the deadline now one week away, the president and the house speaker traded barbs before the american people. >> unfortunately for the past several weeks, republican house members have essentially said that the only way they'll vote to prevent america's first ever default is if the rest of us agree to their deep spending cuts only approach. >> and i'll tell you, i gave it my all. unfortunately the president would not take yes for an answer. even when we thought we might be close to an agreement, the president's demands changed. >> reporter: the back-to-back speeches highlr differences more than a path to compromise. lawmakers are considering rival plans pitched monday from the democratic controlled senate and republican controlled house. the main difference between proposals is that house speaker
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boehner's plan would raise the debt ceiling in two stages instead of one. the house began its floor debate tomorrow. the standoff is likely to continue until congress votes on both plans. the stalemate is taking a toll with stocks and the dollar dropping and oil prices rising. both the president and house speaker said the country cannot afford default. >> we're up to the task. we can still come together as one nation. >> reporter: but america awaits action that will end the debt crisis. >> president obama and speaker boehner made their case to the american public. who won? we sent kristen fisher to the national mall. >> tip chee when you have a republican and -- typically when you have a republican and the president square off, the next day everybody is talking about who won and who lost. but not today. people here on the national mall say they don't really care who
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did better last night. all they care about is a compromise. >> reporter: how concerned are you? how worried are you? . >> i think it's real. the think the games are being played up until the very end and i don't know how our economic system is going to take it. >> i think it's scary. i don't know what to do with my investments right now. the last crisis we had, i moved things out of the international funds, the riskier things, and that really helped. at this point, i don't know what fo do. >> it's very ineffective. but i guess like this is how the system is set up, which is kind of a messed up system if you ask me. >> reporter: are you one of the people that is frustrated with the way washington is working these days? >> i think everybody is. i think that's fair to say. >> reporter: in washington, kristen fisher, s now. >> president obama urged americans to call their representatives. today they sent out a system alert saying the telephone circuits were neither capacity. speaking of tax dollars, the
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afghan government is taking exception to a scathing u.s. report on how the country spent billions of dollars in the united states. the report alleges some of the money was stolen and that the afghan government is doing little to protect its money. the united states has poured more than $70 billion in aid to afghanistan over the past ten years. well, the nfl lockout is over. and hopefully all is forgiven. it took more than four months for both sides to reach a deal. it was announced in washington yesterday that there was a deal. the players association executive board voted unanimously on a new 10-year labor deal. the free agency period is under way, which leads some redskins fans and players wondering who will stay and who will go. >> i'm totally lost right now. just like a lot of guys are.
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>> mcnabb, is he going to be back this year? >> yes. i think maybe. i don't know. [ laughing ] >> you and the rest of us. >> if all goes according to plan, training camp will begin on thursday and full contact practices will begin on saturday. the lawyer defending the norwegian mass murderer says the confessed killer may plead insanity. the country is still reeling from the brutal attacks that killed dozens. >> reporter: norwegians covered central oslon a field of flowers to remember the 76 victims of last week's violent rampage. >> it is so terrible. it's so difficult to understand. >> reporter: even the lawyer defending confes ed killer anders breivik says he can't comprehend the brutality of the crime. >> i don't understand it.
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and it's very difficult to explain because he doesn't explain in a reasonable way. i don't understand. >> reporter: he says in all likelihood, his client is insane. but he says breivik may reject an insanity plea. >> he has a view and reality which is very, very difficult to explain. >> reporter: breivik told his lawyer he used some kind of drugs to keep strong and away during the killing spree. the 32-year-old norwegian has confessed fo the murders saying he wanted to save europe from muslim immigration. >> he believes he's in a war. and he believes that when you're in war, you can do things like that. >> reporter: he doesn't know why breivik chose him. he's a member of the labor party, the political group breivik targeted when he opened fire on teenagers at the island. breivik claims he was part of an anti-islamic group norwegian
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police are casting doubts on the claims saying they have searched for more explosives but have found nothing. >> police believe that the suspect acted alone despite his claims in a 1500 page document that says it belonged to a modern group of crusaders. the man that prosecutors call the east coast rapist may be connected to another attack in maryland. police have linked dna from aaron thomas to a 1999 rape in greenbelt. officials say more testing still needs to be done. through dna, thomas has already been linked to attacks on 17 other women from virginia to connecticut. dc council member harry thomas is not saying if he will step down, but the list of people calling for his resignation is getting longer.
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council chair kwa me quami brownish you'd a statement. last week thomas agreed to repay $300,000 in donations and taxpayer money originally meant for youth baseball. dc attorney -- dc attorney general says that thomas used it for his own personal expenses. thomas admits no wrongdoing. the casey anthony trial has inspired a number of laws across the country in honor of her deceased daughter. caylee's law would make it a felony if a parent fails to report a missing child within 24 hours of their disappearance. 31 states, including virginia and maryland, are considering adopting caylee's law. reaction to the idea, however,
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is mixed. >> well, there should be more attention focused in that area. >> some kids may have trouble in the household and they may take off routinely for a day or two. so when that happens, are the parents going to be penalized for not reporting that their kids are gone? >> i think it is a little extreme to consider it a felony. >> the idea for the law began on the website and so far, more than 1 million people across the country have signed up in support of such a law. fairfax county police may have a serial slasher on their hands. the most recent attack happened yesterday at the fair oaks mall. according to authorities, a woman turned around after she heard someone fall behind her and she was cut on the buttocks. she was not seriously injured.
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authorities say there have been similar incidents over the past six months at other stores in fairfax county. nearly a dozen people are recovering at a hospital after they were poisoned by carbon monoxide. this is the scene at an apartment building on first street and rockville around 2:00 this morning. fire crews discovered a water heater in the basement was leaking carbon monoxide. it has been fixed and the building is now safe. 11 people that were treated are expected to be okay. what do you need to know about carbon monoxide poisoning? well, the epa says at low levels, warning signs will include shortness of breath or slight headaches. moderate level warning signs include severe headaches, dizziness, confusion and nausea. if you think there is a problem
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in your home, go outside, get fresh air. if you think it is a major problem, you need to go immediately to an emergency room. coming up ahead on 9 news now at noon, singer amy winehouse is remembered at a private ceremony. we'll tell you why it could be awhile before authorities know exactly how she died. but first only on 9, is her car was picketed, towed and sold at an auction while she was in a coma. we'll tell you what dc officials are doing to help a woman get her car back.
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this is a story you'll only see on 9 news now. a northeast washington woman says her car was booted, towed and auctioned while she was in the hospital. monique jenkins was hospitalized and in acute care for nearly eight weeks. she says she was fighting for her life during her 12-day coma and she says that's when the city auctioned off her car. >> i started crying and then i said how can this happen. there has to be some law to protect people who are in the hospital. >> 9news now helped her put
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things together, and it all came back to one unpaid speeding camera ticket that occurred in washington dc for $100. monique jenkins says she simply forgot to pay it. the department of public works, which oversees vehicle impoundment and auctions says it is going to look into this incident. in an exclusive interview with abc news, the woman at the center of the rape allegations against dominique strauss-kahn told her story. >> he pushed me like this to the floor. i cannot move. i cannot move. i try. >> when did you realize that he was one of the most powerful men in the world? >> i was watching in the news. and then they say he's going to be the next president of france. >> she is the new york hotel maid that said that the former
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head of the international monetary fund attacked and raped her when she entered into his hotel room. strauss-kahn denies the allegations. he faces a court date next week. family and friends of singer amy winehouse paid their last respects during a ceremony that was in north london today. the 27-year-old singer who battled drug and alcohol problems was found dead in her home on saturday. right now authorities are still looking for the cause of death. toxicology reports should be released in about one month. coming up next, howard and the forecast. >> jc, loving life right now. dew points have dropped. we'll look at the dew point and look at the allergy update. the mold spores, they loved the rain yesterday.
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they're high. grass pollen is high. weeds and trees are low. forecast is just ahead. you're watching 9news now.
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we have breaking news from capitol hill. congressman david leu says he will resign. the oregon democrat is stepping down amid accusations of
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unwanted sexual advances towards a young woman. we'll have more details when they become available. let's get the weather forecast now from howard. it's nice. >> it's really nice. [ laughing ] >> some of the weather watchers downtown, they're like it's still muggy. it is still muggy down there. ment sorry about that. give it a few more hours. the dry air will come back. and then the humidity and mugginess will come back this weekend. the rest of the afternoon, we have temps climbing into the low 90s. 92, 93. but with the humidity level down, we will enjoy that. now, as the winds turn more to the southwest, boy, the extent of that push on the initial surge of dryer air, i don't know if it's going to make it all the way down to readsville today. but tonight and tomorrow should still be a fine day. 9:00, 85. and we are looking at a secondary surge of dryer air moving in tonight. that is why tomorrow is also going to be a good day.
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but unfortunately this won't be as long lived as we would like. nothing here on the radar. we do have one thunderstorm watch box up in new england and parts of pennsylvania. we're going to see storms but we're looking at a gorgeous day. it's pretty warm. 88 in leesburg. montgomery county air park is 84. it's 90 in winchester but a much less humid 90. cumberland 88. but the humidity, it is down south. and you see 24 when you look at the dew points. look at the difference here. these dew points in frederick, dc, 54. 55 in leesburg. but the dew points down towards the airport is 73. 72 in easton. so down here where fredericksburg points south st. mary is and calvert county, you start to pick up a little more of the mugginess than the rest of us enjoying nice weather. the barometer continues to rise at 29.82. and there is the dew point.
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54 during the high heat friday, saturday, these dew points were 78, 80 in spots. it has dropped significantly. and that's why it feels so much better. now, when you look at the national temps, you see the break in minneapolis 78. even chicago at 82. but don't get lulled. i mean, we've got 90s here from dallas to kansas city and this heat will be building back here as we get towards thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. big picture, storms in the rockies here headed towards the northern plain. this guy, this storm in ontario headed towards quebec helping to produce the severe weather up here. but it's also going to push another boundary down to the south with more dry air for tonight and tomorrow. so the first little truf went through yesterday with the thunderstorms. there is the second front that will be moving east and southeast. in fact, by this evening, it will be across southern pennsylvania. it will sweep through so that tomorrow there's also another good looking day around here. you'll see that by wednesday 5:00. nothing but sunshine tomorrow. enjoy it. it's not going to last but a
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couple of days with the lower humidity levels today and tomorrow. in fact, tonight we're down in the 60s in many areas to 70s in town by the bay. but my thursday, back to the mid 90s with a chance for a storm mainly in the mountains. it looks like friday could be near 100 again with a chance of a thunderstorm and a few chances for a storm on the weekend. highs in the low to mid 90s. we'll be back with more right after this.
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at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at you know, the cathedral in upper marlboro is famous for its christmas production. it's known up and down the east coast. but i would like to tell you
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about a sacred summer series that is going to be performed at the cathedral this weekend. it may call it the original baby mama drama. and i have elder kevin matthews here to explain love child. >> it's wonderful to be here. love child is a story about abraham and sara and abraham's other love interest in the story. and it's a great story. we want everyone to come out and watch the performance this weekend. >> it is this saturday. there are two performs, one at noon and one at 4:00. and if my viewers call this number, and i'm going to have it up later, it's 301-850-13111 and then press 3, they get a special discount. >> they get a special discount. >> how much? >> they get it for $10 if they say jc hayward or wusa they're
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going to get that $10 ticket. the tickets are normally $40, $30 and $20. but they'll be able to get the ticket for $10 if they say they heard it on wusa or just mention your name. >> all right. and the number again is 301-850-1311. there are two shows this saturday, 12:00 noon and 4:00 p.m. and it's the story of hagar, abraham and sara. love child. and it's a musical. >> it's a drama presentation. and it's a wonderful drama presentation. every year we put on a drama presentation that deals with one of the biblical characters out of the bible. and so this year we decided to do the story of hagar to really show tribute in honor of single mothers and some of the struggles they have gone through. but really to show them how god is a very present help in the time of trouble. so this is a wonderful story that's going to really, really inspire and encourage single mothers to continue doing what
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they're doing. >> evangelical cathedral is on upper marlboro. you can get a $10 ticket. take the whole show. it's really family entertainment. thank you for being with us. >> great to be here. >> and we're going to be there on saturday. >> absolutely. >> all right. come back and visit us at 5:00. thank you. #
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